Frequently asked questions

How can I get a quote?

Click here to use our simple quotation generator, by following a few simple steps you can generate a quick quote and proceed to purchase your new waste contract online.

How will I know if you cover my postcode?

When completing an online quote, you will be asked to provide your postcode. At this point, the quote generator will determine if we have suppliers that operate in your area. If we currently do not cover your area, please click here and provide your details if you will like to be informed of updates to coverage.

Can I select a time for you to collect my bins?

When completing a quote, you will be asked if there are any time or access restrictions that might affect your collection. Whilst we can't guarantee it, we will always try to arrange a collection within these preferences.

How will I know what container size to select?

Depending upon the type of waste you require collecting, you will be provided with a number of container options suitable for that waste type, this will include information on the size of container. If you need more help in deciding on which option is best for you, you can contact us via email at customer.services@everflowwaste.com or call on 0330 1659 890.

Do you cover all Waste types?

We have a number of waste options to select from and are continually updating our service offering. If you do not see the waste type you need collecting, please contact our customer services team via email at customer.services@everflowwaste.com or call on 0330 1659 890 and they will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Who do I contact about a missed collection?

For missed collections, please contact our customer services team via email at customer.services@everflowwaste.com or call on 0330 1659 890.

Will I be charged for overweight collections?

We believe in transparent pricing and therefore do not charge for overweight collections, click here to view our Fair Use Policy.

Are there any set up costs?

There will not be any additional charges outside of those explained in your contract document.

Can I change my supplier if I'm not happy with the service I'm receiving?

When a supplier is chosen, this is based on the requirements you gave when generating your quote. If you are unhappy with the service provided, please contact us via email on customer.services@everflowwaste.com or call on 0330 1659 890 so we can discuss any issues you may be experiencing.

Who do I contact if I have a query regarding payment?

Please contact our dedicated customer service team via email on customer.services@everflowwaste.com or call on 0330 1659 890.

Do I need a duty of care waste transfer note?

All businesses that produce waste are required by law to have a duty of care waste transfer note. The document is valid for one year but must be retained by the owner or business for two years after its expiry.

How much does my duty of care waste transfer note cost?

This is a free document, so Everflow will provide you with this as part of our service at no additional cost.

Can I amend my requirements during the contract?

Of course! Should any of your requirements change or any services need increasing or decreasing, we will work with you to ensure amendments are made ASAP.

If my requirements aren't suitable for the online quote platform, can you still provide pricing?

Yes, please contact our customer service team at www.everflowwaste.com or call on 0330 1659 890 and someone will be happy to assist you.

What is meant by waste management?

When we refer to waste management this includes the collection, removal and transportation of your waste to its point of disposal by our appointed suppliers. At the point of collection, they will monitor your waste and, depending upon the type of waste removed, this can also include the treatment of waste and recycling.

Why is waste management so important?

By close monitoring of waste this can help to save your business money and it can also help the environment.

How should a business dispose of waste?

There are many methods that businesses can use to dispose of waste correctly, this can include, recycling, ensuring waste is kept in a safe location and no cross-contamination of different waste types.

What is classed as commercial waste?

All businesses produce waste, this is what is classed as commercial waste.

How is commercial waste handled?

Commercial waste is handled by the business owner. They have a responsibility for ensuring the waste is removed by a licenced supplied. Once removed, what happens to it next will vary depending on the type of waste being removed, for example, it may be recycled, sent to landfill, or incinerated.

How much does it cost to dump commercial waste UK?

UK businesses typically spend in the region of £15-£50 per week to have their waste collected.

Do businesses pay for waste collection?

It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure their business waste is disposed of appropriately and must have a trade waste agreement to ensure this is being handled legally. It is typically only residential waste that is free of charge to remove.

Do businesses have to recycle?

All business owners are responsible for the safe storage of all waste produced and that this is disposed of in an appropriate manner with licensed suppliers. A duty of care waste transfer note will outline this and is legally required.